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Brooklyn Bridge Park:

The Discovery Station

The Nancy Bowe Discovery Station in the Brooklyn Bridge Park Environmental Education Center is the centerpiece of this interactive community space, opened in the fall of 2015. The Discovery Station serves two key functions as part of the new visitor center.

First, it works as an engaging guide to the new park landscape, an award winning design by renowned landscape architects MVVA. Next, like the design of the park itself, the Discovery Station illustrates aspects of ecology that are at work within this unique piece of dynamic urban nature.

Nim (working within Human Nature Projects) developed all aspects of the content, based on her years of interpretive program development with the park.  After familiarizing themselves with the topics--birds, salt marsh restoration, bridge engineering--visitors can explore these topics just outside the building.

Topics throughout the exhibition are designed to be accessible on multiple levels; visitors across a wide age range can use the stations together.


The Brooklyn Eagle covers the opening of the Environmental Education Center, home to the Discovery Station exhibition and other work by Nim Lee.

The Exhibition opening on Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy website

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