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The Mannahatta Project Science Curriculum

Working with the visionary Landscape Ecologist Eric Sanderson and Geospatial Analyst Kim Fisher, of the Wildlife Conservation Society, Nim developed a mult-part science curriculae based around their groundbreaking projects: Mannahatta, Welikia and the environmental planning oriented Visionmaker or M2409.

Nim's project-based work with this team has taken place over more than a decade, beginning in the early 2000's.  Nim was present as a volunteer for some of the very first landscape surveys in New York City during the genesis of The Mannahatta Project.  During these surveys groups of researchers and conservationists from the WCS and AMNH looked for clues about Manhattan island's native landscape and geography in much the same way students do as they carry out Nim's science education activities.

Topics such as data sampling, Geographic Information Systems, species identification, endemic species and invasive species are explored as part of Nim's STEM-compliant lesson plans.

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